Great Again?

Is America poised to regularize racism, institutionalize xenophobia, normalize anti-Semitism and mainstream misogyny? Long Island, like our country, has been rapidly diversifying with newcomers of different faiths, nationalities, income-levels, sexualities and points of view.  How can we support one another and defend our most vulnerable community members? How can we come together to affirm the importance of diversity and the core American values of fairness and inclusion?

Who We Are


Long Island Together is community of progressives who came together in horror at the nativist shifts of the 2016 election. We seek to affirm diversity and protect vulnerable communities through inter-connected activism. We have broad concerns including issues impacting the environment, immigrants, people of different faiths, women, LGBTQ, racism, disability, social justice and peace.

What We Do


Our focus is on activism. We seek to organize events and create awareness through various media platforms regarding issues which affect various communities in jeopardy. Working together, we can inter-connect communities, raise awareness and stop xenophobia, racism, sexism and the assault on the environment. Check out our Events page to see planned and upcoming actions.

How You Can Help


You can get involved in two ways: Join us as a volunteer in organizing events, or show your support by attending local events.

To get involved, reach out to us at Attend our meetings and events. Get on our mailing list or Facebook page. Above all, educate yourself, spread the word and stay active.

If you progressive or an organization that wants to connect and work together on an event or program, do reach out to us!

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